• Store of value. Gold has intrinsic value. No one can say of gold that it isn't worth the paper its printed on. Gold is scarce. Approximately 50 million Troy ounces of gold are mined per year throughout the world. That amount would fit into a cube measuring about 15 feet on each side. Gold does not depend on a government's or company's promise to pay or produce for its value. Through centuries of turbulence, gold has always been a consistent store of value and a trusted medium of exchange.
  • Inflation hedge. Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation. In countries where the money has become valueless or nearly valueless, such as post WWI Germany, the purchasing power of an ounce of gold has stayed nearly the same throughout.
  • Dollar hedge. Gold is an excellent hedge against the dollar.  When the value of the dollar declines Gold typically rises.  Since politicians lack discipline to control spending and central bankers lack discipline to stop inflating the currency we can be assured the dollar will continue to lose value thereby increasing the price of Gold.
  • Diversification. Gold is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. Most of what we traditionally invest in; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., are paper assets with no intrinsic value. In times of high inflation or great uncertainty about the economy, these traditional investments tend not to fair well. Gold, on the other hand, tends to do well when people are looking for a safe place to store their money. Gold often moves in the opposite direction of traditional investments, making it a good way to stabilize the value of your portfolio.
  • Investment. Gold is an excellent stand alone investment. Many experts believe that demand is outpacing supply (especially in developing nations such as India and China) across the board and that the value of gold today, in terms of paper currency, is simply too low. They expect gold to move up in value.
  • Liquidity. Gold is one of the most liquid of all investments. It is readily portable. It is easy to store. It is recognized in every country. It is easily and discreetly bought and sold. It can be easily converted to cash at any time.
  • Retirement. Gold can also play a pivotal role in your retirement planning. Precious metals are eligible for inclusion in your tax deferred retirement account. Many experts recommend that at least 5-10% of your total assets be invested in gold.

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